TMP Public is a non-profit Community Interest Corporation registered in the UK. Our mission is to help governments, philanthropies or other public institutions to deliver tangible results on their investments. TMP Public has emerged from TMP Systems’ non-profit work to deliver better development outcomes. See below to learn more about our track record over the years across a wide range of important issues:

2019: Conflict and Land Tenure

In January 2019, we will launch a free geospatial software platform that helps investors understand how to consult with local communities in developing countries, to reduce violent conflict related to property rights and improve developmental outcomes.

2017: Human Rights and Sustainable Agriculture

Since 2017, we have participated in a challenge fund managed by KPMG, deploying field data collection systems to smallholder farmers across six different developing countries. The purpose is to ensure compliance with the Bonsucro Production Standard, and demonstrate that.


Since 2016, our Dryad financial system has been delivering monetary and technical support to community forest enterprises in the Congo Basin, as part of a £5.8 million, DFID-funded experiment to determine whether economic development and environmental outcomes are truly linked.


In 2015, we tested the Landscape Fund, a system for supporting sustainable agricultural production. The basic system showed real promise (and we are still looking for an implementing partner – contact us for more information) but it became apparent that the project had major issues. Accordingly, we declined to support the lead organization’s request for a second phase of work.


In 2013, we supported a coalition of anti-coal NGOs and Foundations by helping them identify financially shaky coal projects, from mines to power plants. We also provided advice on how to present legal challenges to defeat them by using financial arguments. Write us here to request a copy of the report.


In 2011, we produced a widely-read analysis correctly predicting that forest carbon trading would not be an effective solution for tropical deforestation. We showed that carbon was problematic as an asset class and that trading was not the best approach to managing forest carbon emissions. Write us here to request a copy of our analysis.