TMP Private is our Netherlands-based subsidiary focused on financial institutions, corporations, and high net worth investors. Its specialty is environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, and it offers three types of services.

Monitoring systems

for companies and investors. These systems collect data at ground level and assess its relationship to financial and operational outcomes. TMP Private’s solutions have been proven to deliver supply chain transparency, improve risk management and increase efficiency – all at a reasonable cost. Please click here to learn more.

Risk analysis

for businesses that want to frankly assess how ESG risks really relate to their bottom line. TMP Private delivers actionable initial results in 30-60 days at a competitive cost. Please click here to understand how our process works.

Threat assessments

for high net worth investors and family offices. Without needing to know the details of specific holdings, TMP Private can conduct a portfolio-level assessment of prominent ESG risks and explain how this influences your family’s investment style, government relations strategy and estate and tax planning. Please click here to find out more.

Private IP assets

TMP Private also manages the proprietary inventions of TMP Systems. Some of these we intend to spin out as standalone enterprises, with TMP Private taking an equity stake in the process. We typically seek to raise between €2-7 million for these ventures, and they are appropriate for venture funds or angel investors with a strong interest in the environment and/or social responsibility. If this sounds like you, a list of our current spin-out candidates can be requested here.