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Most analyses of environmental and social issues have three problems. First, they treat problems as a matter of image, not impact. Second, they rely on anecdotes to the exclusion of data. And third, they deliver advice that is practically impossible to implement.

We are different. We tell our clients about the specific environmental and social problems are likely to impact their core interests. We back up these opinions by combining our qualitative intelligence (gained from work in 51 countries) with hard facts and numbers.

And we either provide solutions that work within a client’s capacity, budget and operational realities. If the client can’t solve their problems without more resources – or just can’t solve it, period – we say so.

Below are three examples of how we have applied this approach in practice. If you have something you’d like analyzed in a similar way, please contact us at

Sample Analysis: Supply Chain Risk

TMP conducted a exhaustive review of 1662 palm oil mills in over 37 countries, revealing patterns of supply chain risk that no other analysts had detected.

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Sample Analysis: Coronavirus

TMP has prepared an innovative risk analysis to show investors, companies and public institutions where COVID-19 might spark social unrest in developing countries.

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TMP Climate Risk Model

TMP has built a completely unique geospatial database that shows where climate change is likely to cause instability during the next decade.

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