Mask/PPE Program for Developing Countries

Download a current product list here.

Import/export company BGM has teamed up with consulting firms TMP Systems and TMP Climate to help organizations and governments in developing countries procure masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE). Our objectives are to:

1. Facilitate delivery of high-quality products directly from reputable FDA and CE certified factories in China at a reasonable price.

2. Assist organizations who may not be used to ordering bulk shipments from factories navigate the ordering and shipping process.

3. Cut out middlemen who either will not ship to developing countries, or are unnecessarily driving up the cost of protecting people in need.

Outreach for the program is being overseen by Yumiko Jimbo, who directs TMP Climate’s trade work. She is supported by quality-control staff from BGM and developing-country experts from TMP Systems. Please download the product list at this link, follow its instructions, and email the result to Yumiko at if you are interested. Answers to frequently asked questions are below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How does the program work?

The program has three steps:
1. Read the product list to see if we can help you find what you need. Then contact us to say what products you want, by what date
2. We check the factories in China to confirm they can deliver the products you specify on time. If they can, we check with shipping companies about when they can deliver to your location. If it’s possible, we reply with a price, payment terms and delivery date. This usually takes 24 hours.
3. If these terms are OK with you, you fill out an order and place it directly with the factories. We stay in touch with you if any problems arise during the manufacture or delivery process.

Q. What can the program help me find?

We can help you get various types of masks (3-layer, KN95, N95) or PPE (gloves, face shields, gowns) directly from the Chinese factories that make them, at a reasonable price and with quality control to ensure the products you receive will protect the people who wear them. You can download a product list with specifications here..

Q. I represent a charity, foundation or NGO and would like to donate masks and/or PPE to a worthy recipient. Can you help?

Yes. Please contact Ben Bowie at

Q. I just want to buy masks or other PPE. Is my organization eligible?

If what you order will be shipped to and used in a developing country in Africa, Latin America or Asia, you are probably eligible. There are a few countries we cannot ship to due to customs or conflict restrictions, contact us for details.

Q. How much will it cost?

The total cost will be the price shown in the product list, plus shipping costs to deliver via air cargo or sea container. Contact Yumiko Jimbo at to get a quote.

Q. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Yes, because bulk supply is a major reason we can facilitate this at a low cost. MOQs are indicated in the product list.

Q. Where does this stuff come from? How do I know it’s any good?

China has only a few factories that are completely certified by the United States FDA and meet NIOSH standards, as well as the CE standards applied by the European Union, as well as having a license to export medical products. These are four of them. BGM Life and TMP Climate have used them in the past to supply the Japanese market with masks, and BGM’s quality control staff also conducts inspections of shipments and the factory itself. Contact Yumiko Jimbo at for references, certifications and additional questions.

Q. Can you supply samples?

Yes we can send you sample masks, assuming air delivery is still available to your country. In the case of other PPE, our ability to send you a sample depends on current stock levels, so please ask us for more information.

Q. How quickly can I get my order?

It depends on the destination and shipping method chosen. Air freight right now takes 1-2 weeks. For ocean freight, Southeast Asian ports take 3-4 weeks and Africa or Latin America take 5-7 weeks.

Q. How much do your companies receive for doing this?

BGM, TMP Climate and TMP Systems will share a facilitation fee from the factory in China. The exact amount we receive will be clearly stated on your price quote, and will be between 1-5% of the total cost.