TMP Climate is a single-issue initiative that assumes that humans will continue to pollute the Earth with greenhouse gases, until the resulting climate instability causes serious general alarm. At that point, there will be a very short period in which to make massive adjustments. TMP Climate’s purpose is to identify what needs to be done now to prepare for that moment.

Headed by TMP Systems founder Lou Munden, TMP Climate launched in March 2019. We have been researching several key issues and will produce an opinion brief on each topic, then make decisions about where to focus our work. Email us to find out more.


Carbon pricing will not be implemented at a scale equal to the climate challenge. The paradoxical result is that countries will be forced to institute a full carbon ban within the next two decades, and implement that ban over a very short timeframe. This matters to business now, because it will cause significant disruption to key economic, financial and security assumptions in the process. We are working with TMP Private to help investors, companies and high net worth individuals understand what this means for their portfolios.


In many parts of the world, the near-term threat posed by climate change is not from collapsed ecosystems, but fragile societies who are tipped into conflict as the climate becomes unstable. We believe the primary cause of conflict will be large-scale migration. We are currently trying to answer two questions: can we model when and where this might happen, and if so, what can we do now to get ahead of the problem?


We assume that emissions will not be significantly reduced until we have an unstable climate, that a capacity gap will hamper efforts to reduce emissions, and that this risks causing large-scale conflict. This leads to the conclusion that carbon capture and solar radiation management will become more appealing options. We are actively researching the implications of this for public and private investment.